We are always interested in hearing new ideas from talented historians, journalists, and writers. We pride ourselves on our international focus; as such, we are open to pitch ideas on any region or current event, so long as it meets our standards of historical journalism.


Please submit a short paragraph outlining your pitch, including its historical and contemporary relevance, to editorial@interzine.org. We do not accept full article submissions.

We welcome submissions from all authors, regardless of experience. We’ve published articles from renowned academics as well as first-time authors; we care about the content, not the resume.


As a media start-up, we are currently unable to offer compensation. Our platform does offer other benefits to writers, however. Our articles are shared by academics and interested readers alike, putting our writers at the crossroads of conversation between academia and contemporary journalism. We also pride ourselves on maintaining strong working relationships with our writers. We are exploring the possibility of securing funding and hope to be able to offer our contributing writers competitive compensation in the future.