Kyrgyzstan In Crisis - An Interview with Alisher Khamidov

Melania Parzonka

On October 15, the people of Kyrgyzstan overthrew their president for the third time in 15 years. Kyrgyzstan expert Dr. Alisher Khamidov sits down with Melania Parzonka to discuss how the USSR's collapse created economic and ethnic tensions and why the Kyrgyz can’t find peace today.

Anti-Immigrant Racism in the United States: American as Apple Pie

Justin Faulhaber

The two images could not be more incongruous: on one side, the Statue of Liberty, a beacon of light in a world of darkness. On the other, Trump's border wall, an imposing statement in concrete saying “Keep Out...Or Else.” Justin Faulhaber explains how, too often, the nation of immigrants has built barriers instead of bridges.

Black Lives Matter & Israel-Palestine: Learning From Ralph Bunche

Asher Kessler

“I can understand you. I am also a member of a persecuted minority." Different experiences of injustice may bring people together, but they don't necessarily translate into complete understanding. Asher Kessler examines Ralph Bunche, the American architect of the 1947 Partition Plan for Palestine, and how his exposure to racism and work to combat it led him to identify with the struggle of the Jewish people in the quest to establish Israel.

Repudiating The Irish Slave Myth: The Irish Diaspora in the New World

Tárlach Russell

No, the Irish were never enslaved—the myth popular among white supremacists is as perverse as it is inaccurate. As Tárlach Russell discusses, comparing the Irish experience to that of enslaved Africans obscures the oppression faced by Irish servants in the New World.

How the Italian-American Dream Became a Racial Nightmare

Isabel Robertson

How can a nation of diverse immigrants have such a problem with race? In order to complete the transformation from denigrated to integrated, some European immigrant groups adopted racist sentiments already prevalent in the United States. Isabel Robertson explains.

An Angry People - Serbia In the Times of COVID-19

Vukan Markovic

Last month, Serbia was host to Europe's first demonstrations against a coronavirus curfew. Although Belgrade's pandemic response may have been the trigger for this unrest, Vukan Markovic explains how these protests actually represented a much deeper rupture within the country’s political reality, revealing many underlying frustrations that have been brewing for years.

Historical Primer: Debate Cancelled After Trump Refuses to Attend

Scott Wagner

Instead of debating tonight, Trump will host a town hall in Miami. The last major candidate to cancel a debate? Jimmy Carter in 1980.

“Dancing on the Heads of Snakes:” Yemen, Then and Now

Monia Al-Haidary

The civil war in Yemen remains the world’s most urgent humanitarian crisis—yet its roots receive little media attention. Monia Al-Haidary explains how the current conflict is intimately linked to the country’s postcolonial history as a battleground for competing foreign powers.

Stifled Stories of the Black Imagination

Asia Wesley

Stories are gateways to the souls of a people. For African and Black writers, those stories have been buried under the colonial gaze and Western biases. Asia Wesley helps us uncover them.